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Pushrod Length Checkers

Easy and economical tool to layout and determine proper pushrod length for proper valvetrain geometry.Proper valvetrain geometry is necessary to obtain the desired results from the cam and to ensure damage is not done to the rest of the valvetrain. Made from a 5/16” pushrod that is cut and threaded with over one inch of travel. 5/16” ball tip on both ends.

92129 6.500”-7.500”
92131 8.500”-9.800”
92133 10.200”-11.500”
92120 7.500”-8.700”
92132 9.700”-11.000”
2-Pushrod-Length-Checkers-HRC 95129

Professional 2-Sided 14” Degree Wheels

Not stamped, but CNC machined billet aluminum for accuracy. These oversized degree wheels are precisely etched on both sides with 1º increments. Features easy to read intake valve opens, intake valve closes, exhaust valve opens and exhaust valve closes on one side and intake lobe centerline and exhaust lobe centerline on the other. Standard 1” center hole for use with most degree wheel sockets. Instructions and laminated reusable specification sheet are included.

92115 14” Professional 2-Sided Degree Wheel
3-Professional-2-Sided-14”-Degree-Wheels-HRC 92115-Degree-Wheel-FB

Retainer Height Tools

Measures exact differences in retainers and locks for your combinations. Detect differences in same part numbers or different combinations, for your exact valve spring installed height. Simple to use with most calipers (not included).

92010 Height Tool, fits 1.250-1.360” Retainers
92020 Height Tool, fits 1.400-1.760” Retainers
4-Retainer-Height-Tools-HRC 92010

Spring Height Micrometer

The easiest way to measure valve spring installed height is with a height micrometer. This tool is used between the cylinder head spring seat and valve spring retainer. The tool is adjusted until all components are fully seated. The tool is read just like a micrometer and will provide accurate measurements every time it is used.

92155 Measures from 1.400”- 1.900”
92156 Measures from 1.600”- 2.100”

Valve Spring Seat Cutters

These America made tools from Howards™ will allow the engine builder to modify the cylinder heads to fit the desired valve springs to suit their application. Designed to enlarge the spring pocket for oversized valve springs. Valve guide arbor not included.

92065 1.440” Dia.
92070 1.550” Dia.
92075 1.680” Dia.
92080 1.740” Dia.
6-Valve-Spring-Seat-Cutters-HRC 92065

Valve Guide Arbors for Valve Spring Seat Cutters

These American made tools from Howards™ will allow the engine builder to modify the cylinder heads to fit the desired valve springs to suit their application. Designed to enlarge the spring pocket for oversized valve springs.

92085 5/16”
92090 11/32”
92095 3/8”
7-Valve-Spring-Seat-Cutters-HRC 92065

Valve Guide Cutters

Designed to cut the valve guide to be used with Teflon, Viton or metal body type seals. Useable with hand tools. These American made tools allow you to do this machine work yourself. Includes cutter and valve guide arbor.

92035 11/32” X .500”
92040 11/32” X .531”
92045 3/8” X .531”
92049 .531” (Cutter Only, Requires Arbor)
8-Valve-Guide-Cutters-HRC 92050

Piston Ring Filer

To get the most performance and horsepower, you need to set proper ring end gap. Files piston rings quickly and accurately. Simple hand crank design. A must for every engine builder.

92165 Manual Ring Filer
9-Piston-Ring-Filer-HRC 92165

E-Z Rocker Wrench

No more wishing that you had three hands to adjust your valves. Howards™ E-Z Wrench makes it a breeze to adjust roller rocker arms and steel rocker arms with poly locks.

92100 9/16” E-Z Wrench
92105 5/8” E-Z Wrench

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